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Css magic 1.0.7 last version

Post by martin »

This will add some css to make the layout and some hover functions better

This is the last cssmagic to be released the next version is vip only as its a total new ext :whistl:

You must upload this via ftp do not use the ext uploader it will delete the html files unistall your old version and delete data

upload this via ftp and then enable

Your now have some thing like this
these setting work on all themes.

Now to make your theme better go to ext/martin/cssmagic/styles/ and rename the your_style_name_here folder to your style and now you can add what ever you like into that folder.

back up your curent style folder if you used this ext before then upload your style folder.


Code: Select all

a.topictitle:hover {
    color: #FE0202;
    text-decoration: none;
    padding-left: 20px;
    transition: all .75s linear 0s;

.row-item-link+.list-0inner>.topictitle {
    color: #C00;
    transition: all .75s linear 0s;

.row-item-link+.list-inner>.topictitle:hover {
    color: #12a911;
    transition: all .75s linear 0s;
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Use this to install an ext on your board no more ftp or path making.
Path too install this ext is ext/boardtools/upload
Download is here Make it easy for us to solve your issues

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