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phpbb [3.2.x] Extensions Database Releases • Extension Manager Plus

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Extension name: Extension Manager Plus
Author: LukeWCS
Extension description: Supplements the extension management with the possibility to disable and re-enable all installed extensions at once. An individual selection can be made via checkboxes. In addition, order groups can be defined or extensions can be ignored. Additional information is also displayed in the extension manager.

  • phpBB: 3.2.11 - 3.3.x
  • PHP: 7.1.0 - 8.2.x
Functions and properties

EMP replaces the standard extension management. A template is used for this, which is based on the original from phpBB, but has been completely revised and expanded. The new functions and properties of EMP were implemented in such a way that the original visible layout of the Extension Manager was retained. There is no need to get used to it, as the previous functions are available as usual.
  • All installed extensions can be disabled/enabled at once.
  • An individual selection using checkboxes is possible. The status of all checkboxes can also be saved as an option.
  • Order groups can be defined for activating the extensions. This is relevant for extensions that other extensions depend on.
  • Extensions can also be ignored.
  • Additionally subdivides the disabled extensions into installed and not-installed extensions.
  • Since the extensions are switched with the ExtMgr functions of phpBB, an existing ext.php is also executed in which extension authors may define additional actions for the "Enable" and "Disable" functions have. This is not the case with tools that only switch extensions via MySQL code, such as STK.
  • Supports the extended error message return function of is_enableable() in ext.php from phpBB 3.3.0 onwards. This makes it possible for EMP to receive all error messages generated during activation by ext.php and then to display all error messages from the individual extensions in the confirmation message. If an extension still uses the deprecated trigger_error() method, then EMP will intercept this message and wrap it in a message skeleton that contains enough detail to identify the extension that is causing the operation of EMP has interrupted.
  • With the "Re-Check all versions" and "Details" functions, the information from detected updates is saved in the database and the new versions are permanently displayed for the relevant extensions. When an extension is updated, the associated update indicator is automatically removed from the list. This functionality fixes phpBB's shortcoming that information about updates is lost as soon as the cache is cleared. This functionality is especially helpful when there are several extensions with updates.
  • No additional ACP module is used for the settings of EMP, but the already existing, fade-in setting of the version check of the standard extension manager is extended by additional settings. The additional setting groups have the addition "(Plus)".
  • The responsive view is supported by EMP as well as the original Extension Manager.
Additional displays:
  • A small table is displayed above the extensions list with the following information:Total number of extensions.
  • Date of the last version check.
  • Number of updates available.
[*]Number of enabled extensions.[*]Number of disabled extensions.[*]Number of not-installed extensions.[*]Available new version per extension in the "CURRENT VERSION" column.[*]Number of new migrations per extension in a separate column for disabled extensions and for not-installed extensions.Settings:
  • Log entry
  • Confirmation
  • Set check boxes: Off / Set all / Remember last state
  • Order and Ignore
  • Allow self-deactivation
  • Show column with new migrations
  • Allow extensions with new migrations
  • An additional column with 2-digit text fields allows the entry of a sequence group.
  • An additional column of checkboxes allows setting an ignore flag.
Changelog on GitHub (Google translator)
Extension version: 1.1.0
Tested on phpBB version: 3.2.11

Download file: lukewcs_extmgrplus_1.1.0.zip
File size: 37.06 KiB

Extension overview page: View

Except where otherwise noted, the phpBB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this extension. By installing this extension, you acknowledge that the phpBB Support Team or phpBB Extension Customisations Team may not be able to provide support.

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