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Live Preview

MOD-Title: Live Preview
MOD-Version: 1.0.2
MOD-Author: 4seven

Credits: drakon (for inital great stuff)

phpBB-Version: phpBB 3.0.x
phpBB-Languages: multilingual
phpBB-Styles: prosilver

MOD-Description: This Mod adds an Live Preview of post-content above post-box

- Live Preview of post-content without refresh
- Using genuine phpBB BBCode-Engine
- Work with all Board- and Custom-BBCodes.
. Multimedia- and Script-BBCodes (youtube, flash, javascript, iframe etc).
. will be replaced with placeholder to prevent flickering and forum-load.
- Compatiblity with phpbb3 'quick reply' and 'full quick reply editor'
- Fixed div height and autoscroll feature
- Easy install, only 2 edits (4 edits with quick reply)
- xhtml 1.0 strict valid
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