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Add mChat Room invation mail notification

Post by Painkiller88 »

As kasimi haven't implemented this function yet in the official mchat Rooms Extension here is how to enable mail notification for Room invations.

Original Post is from Kasimi, i just copied it :)

1. Create an empty file ext/kasimi/mchatrooms/language/[language]/email/invite_notification.txt
2. Put the subject on the first line, leave the 2nd line empty and start the message body on the 3rd line. Example:

Code: Select all

Subject: mChat Room Invite - "{SITENAME}"

3. Open ext/kasimi/mchatrooms/notification/invite.php

4. Find, around line 207:
Find This may be a partial find and not the whole line

Code: Select all

return false;

Replace with Replace the preceding lines with the following

Code: Select all

return '@kasimi_mchatrooms/invite_notification';
6. Purge your board cache.

Hope i am allowed to post this snippet here :)
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Re: Add mChat Room invation mail notification

Post by dmzx »

Yes post away :thumbup:

You can think of making an extension of it with combination of editor extension. :wink:
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