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Different avatar on refresh?

Post by VikViku »

Your phpBB Version: phpBB3.2
Your phpBB Type: Standard phpBB
Extensions installed: Yes
Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge

What have you done before the problem was there?
I added script in the beginning of viewtopic.html

var rand = Math.floor((Math.random()*3)+1);
var imgCache = new Image();
imgCache.src = 'styles/pbwow3/theme/avatars/pic' + rand + '.jpg';
$(window).load(function() {
$("a[href$='&u=97'] img.avatar").attr("src",imgCache);

What have you already tried to solve the problem?

Description and Message
In the end, no result. I don't know how to make it work. Maybe someone could help me. Thanks in advanced.
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Re: Different avatar on refresh?

Post by kaspir »

Not trying to spam, I wish I could help you with javascript, but PHP is still my love and JS is nemesis. However, I provide a dirt-cheap service for use with any forum or website that allows you to use hyperlinked avatars and signatures. It just may be what you're looking to do here. If this doesn't interest you, I am sorry and please request to remove this post, otherwise:

Learn more:

Or just google: matching avatar signature service ;)
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Re: Different avatar on refresh?

Post by Posey »

It's hard to check, but do you even have avatars in that path?
Because I can not find any when changing the src attribute in my console.
And you need to have atleast 4 (1 .. 4) images in there, as those are the possibilities.

Not to mention a few errors..:
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