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Removing an Extension

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Removing an Extension
Sometimes it is necessary to remove an extension. phpBB allows you to disable an extension and to permanently delete it from your board.

1. Disable

Disabling an extension will effectively turn it off, removing it from your board. However, all modifications made to your database are still intact, so you can re-enable the extension without losing any of its stored settings and data. To disable an extension, simply click its "Disable" button in the Extensions Management page.

2. Delete data

To delete the extension, click the "Delete Data" button in the Extensions Management page after the extension has already been disabled. This is a destructive move that will delete any settings and data used by the extension from the database. (If you re-enable the extension at this point, it will be as if it were being installed for the first time.) Once you have deleted the data you can safely use your FTP program to delete the extension's folder from the "ext" directory. ;) try it!
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