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mChat Extension mChat Extension

Sub category: mChat old versions (24 files)
phpBB mChat Extension 3.2.x
ACP Control included.
1  mChat Extension v2.1.3

 Downloaded: 128
 Last changed on: Aug 29th, '19, 08:55
Download System Download System

Sub category: Download System old versions (14 files)
phpBB Download System Extension 3.2.x
This extension will add an easy download system to your forum.
ACP Control included.
1  Download System v1.1.4

 Downloaded: 67
 Last changed on: Dec 30th, '19, 11:44
Partner Page Partner Page

Sub category: Partner Page old versions (2 files)
phpBB Partner Page Extension 3.1.x This extension will add a partner page to your forum, where you can list your partners with a description and a logo. ACP Control included. 1  Partner Page v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 1178
 Last changed on: Mar 9th, '16, 15:56
Newest Members Newest Members

Sub category: Newest Members old versions (1 file)
phpBB Newest Members Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension shows the newest members instead of only one.
ACP Control included.
1  Newest members v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 489
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 20:31
PM Notify & Guest Register bar PM Notify & Guest Register bar

Sub category: PM Notify & Guest Register bar old versions (4 files)
phpBB PM Notify & Guest Register bar Extension 3.1.x This extension will add PM Notify & Guest Register bar. ACP Control included. 1  PM Notify & Guest Register bar v1.0.6

 Downloaded: 20
 Last changed on: Dec 23rd, '19, 13:49
Did You Know Did You Know

Sub category: Did You Know old versions (4 files)
phpBB Did You Know Extension 3.1.x With this extension you can display texts in a small box at the top of the forum in a random order. ACP Control included. 1  Did You Know v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 1012
 Last changed on: Feb 21st, '16, 14:23
Quotes Collection Quotes Collection

Sub category: Quotes Collection old versions (7 files)
phpBB Quotes Collection Extension 3.2.x
The DM Quotes Collection is a simple tool, where you can start collecting quotes.
These will be display on the index page in a random order.
ACP Control included.
1  Quotes Collection v1.0.7

 Downloaded: 110
 Last changed on: Oct 9th, '19, 13:37
phpBB Countdown phpBB Countdown

Sub category: phpBB Countdown old versions (1 file)
phpBB Countdown Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
The PhpBB Countdown extension display a countdown in your forum header, just below the navbar.
ACP Control included.
1  phpBB Countdown v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 663
 Last changed on: Mar 9th, '17, 21:24
Copyright in footer Copyright in footer

Sub category: Copyright in footer old versions (3 files)
phpBB Copyright in footer Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension adds copyright in footer.
1  Copyright in footer v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 12
 Last changed on: Jan 12th, '20, 09:59
Link menu Link menu

phpBB Link menu Extension 3.1.x This extension will add a simple link menu to header and place the search box in navbar. ACP Control included. 1  Link menu v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 819
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 08:14
Sinkship Sinkship

phpBB Sinkship Extension 3.1.x Play a little Javascript game sinkship. 1  Sinkship v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 865
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 08:17
Puzzle Puzzle

Sub category: Puzzle old versions (1 file)
phpBB Puzzle Extension 3.1.x With this extension you can offer a image puzzle game for your users. ACP Control included. 1  Puzzle v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 967
 Last changed on: Jan 19th, '16, 21:21
Navbar Navbar

phpBB Navbar Extension 3.1.x Extra navbar select menu use dmzx_navbar_quick_links as event to add the links. 1  Navbar v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 947
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 08:23
Notify Admin on Registration Notify Admin on Registration

Sub category: Notify Admin on Registration old versions (2 files)
phpBB Notify Admin on Registration Extension
When a new user registers on your board, a short e-mail with basic user info will be sent to all administrators of the board.

3.2.x & 3.3.x
1  Notify Admin on Registration v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 13
 Last changed on: Jan 17th, '20, 07:34
Forum name in Topic Forum name in Topic

Sub category: Forum name in Topic old versions (1 file)
phpBB Forum name in Topic Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Displays Forum name in Topic.
1  Forum name in Topic v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 475
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 11:33
Youtube Videos Gallery Youtube Videos Gallery

Sub category: Youtube Videos Gallery old versions (7 files)
phpBB YouTube Gallery Extension 3.2.x
This extension adds a new page to your phpBB3, on this page is possible add YouTube videos.
ACP Control included.
1  Youtube Videos Gallery v1.0.7

 Downloaded: 143
 Last changed on: Oct 8th, '19, 13:57
Posting Buttons Posting Buttons

Sub category: Posting Buttons old versions (2 files)
phpBB Posting Buttons Extension 3.2.x & 3.3.x
This extension will add image posting buttons to posting template and all custom BBcodes in a dropdown box.
1  Posting Buttons v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 6
 Last changed on: Jan 15th, '20, 14:14
Forum Goal Forum Goal

Sub category: Forum Goal old versions (1 file)
phpBB Forum Goal Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
The Forum Goal extension display your goals for posts, topics, users and attachments.
ACP Control included.
1  Forum Goal v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 622
 Last changed on: Mar 4th, '17, 12:38
Paypal Donation Paypal Donation

Sub category: Paypal Donation old versions (4 files)
phpBB Paypal Donation Extension 3.2.x & 3.3.x
A simple Paypal Donation extension.
ACP Control included.
1  Paypal Donation v1.0.4

 Downloaded: 11
 Last changed on: Jan 15th, '20, 13:59
Forum Icons Forum Icons

Sub category: Forum Icons old versions (1 file)
phpBB Forum Icons Extension 3.1.x Simply click on the icon to set the forum image. 1  Forum Icons v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 1240
 Last changed on: Mar 7th, '16, 09:54
Member time counter Member time counter

Sub category: Member time counter old versions (1 file)
phpBB Member time counter Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Displays member time counter in profile
1  Member time counter v1.0.2

 Downloaded: 501
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 19:15
Unique Visits Counter Unique Visits Counter

Sub category: Unique Visits Counter old versions (4 files)
phpBB Unique Visits Counter Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
This extension is based on the visitor’s IP address.
ACP Control included.
1  Unique Visits Counter v1.0.5

 Downloaded: 16
 Last changed on: Dec 23rd, '19, 12:05
Loading indicator Loading indicator

Sub category: Loading indicator old versions (1 file)
phpBB Loading Indicator Extension 3.1.x & 3.2.x
Will add the loading indicator when pages are loaded.
1  Loading indicator v1.0.1

 Downloaded: 595
 Last changed on: Mar 5th, '17, 12:04
Downloadlog Downloadlog

Sub category: Downloadlog old versions (3 files)
phpBB Downloadlog Extension
This extension will add a downloadlog for downloaded attachments.

3.2.x & 3.3.x
1  Downloadlog v1.0.3

 Downloaded: 5
 Last changed on: Jan 17th, '20, 07:53
Button menu Button menu

phpBB Button menu Extension 3.1.x This extension adds a menu under the header. ACP Control included. 1  Button menu v1.0.0

 Downloaded: 994
 Last changed on: Oct 31st, '15, 19:09