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Ultimate Points Extension

Post by dmzx »

Ultimate Points Extension

Author: dmzx & posey

Changed PM code
Move more to functions
Changed migration
Changed version check

Add lottery winner on index
Add link in profile/viewtopic for robbery
Updated css

Fix lottery bug
Changed Bank payout
Code update

Added avatars index/userlist
Added new UCP option
Code update

Code update

Couple of things added:
  • Transfer Fee
  • Modify Points, can now select Set, Add, Substract
  • Points List, show all users with their points (resp.)
  • UCP Panel
  • Log Entries
    • Robbery
    • Bank Balance Edit
    • User Points Edit
    • Bank Interest Pay Out
  • Notifications
    • Bank Edit
    • Bank Interest Pay Out
    • Random Bonus Points
  • Random Bonus Points
  • Forum Cost Attachment
    • Show cost in-line with attachment
  • Forum Cost Topic
  • Forum Cost Post
  • Permissions
    • Now in seperate 'Ultimate Points' tab
    • Pay for new Topic
    • Pay for new Post
  • Notification ID moved from points_values table to config
  • values table: robbery_notify_id
  • PHP >= 5.3.3
  • phpBB >= 3.1.0
3.0 MOD Authors:
This is a port of the 3.0 MOD: Ultimate Points, written by: femu & Wuerzi

  • Points System
    • Receive points per new topic/post or edit (Able to set per forum)
    • Receive points per words/characters in the post
    • Receive points for attachments/polls
    • Receive points for registering
    • Lose points per warning
    • Pay points per attachment download (Able to set per forum)
    • Users can Transfer points to other users
  • Bank
    • Personal Bank Name
    • Interest Rate
    • Interest Pay-out time
    • Withdrawal fee
    • Banking fee
  • Lottery
    • Personal Lottery Name
    • Multiple Tickets
    • Jackpot Win Rate and base amount
    • Private Message to the Winner
    • Complete history of previous lottery results!
  • Robbery
    • Users can rob other users
    • Can set chance success of a robbery
    • Notifications sent to the person who got robbed
    • Penalty on a failed robbery
  • User Guide
    • Detailed explanation on how everything works, so make sure to check for the most common questions and their respective answers!
  1. Download the latest release
  2. Create a new folder in the /ext/ directory, named: dmzx (If it doesn't exist already)
  3. Create a new folder in /ext/dmzx/ named ultimatepoints
  4. Copy the contents from the Ultimate-Points-Extension-master folder from your download into
  5. The main extension class should now be at: root/ext/dmzx/ultimatepoints/composer.json
  6. Nagivate in the Administration Control Panel (ACP) to Customise -> Manage Extensions
  7. Look for Ultimate Points Extension in the Disabled Extensions list and click Enable!
Ultimate Points v1.1.6





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